Andrew meets with the client to discuss their goals for the portrait.  Issues such as how many figures will be within the portrait, whether to use Oils or Pastels, where the portrait will ultimately hang, and other such criteria that will help to determine the overall composition of the portrait are discussed at this time.

    Once the client and Andrew are satisfied with the goals of the portrait a contract is written out and signed.  Upon a signed contract and a deposit of 40%  a photo shoot is arranged at the clients convenience.

    Andrew uses a 35 mm Canon digital camera for the photography session.  Andrew’s photo shoots rarely take longer than 30 minutes but he produces a large amount of photos in that time.  He leaves a CD for the client of the photo session.  The CD as well as the photo shoot are included within the price of the portrait.

    Once the photography session is completed Andrew will download the images to his laptop computer and he and the client will go through the images together looking for a photo that captures the essence of the child.

    Although Andrew will recommend which photo(s) will make for the best portrait, he has always given his clients the final say as to what photo(s) to use for the portrait.

    In the case of portraits that contain more than one child, the client and Andrew will go through the photos looking for the best images of each child and once they are chosen, Andrew will use a graphic program to insert each child into the setting so as to create the perfect composition with each child looking his/her best.  This enables Andrew to show the client what he sees in his minds eye putting their minds at ease.  Animals can be included for a flat rate of $500 each should the family wish to have their beloved pet included.

    Once Andrew returns to his studio he will use the image(s) that were chosen by the client to paint the portrait.  Once completed Andrew will contact the client to arrange for a delivery and unveiling of the portrait.  Andrew travels with his paints/pastels should the client wish to make any adjustments to the portrait after the initial unveiling.  He is happy to consult with the client regarding framing or can ship the portrait framed should the client wish to receive it framed and ready for their enjoyment.

    Andrew has always offered a satisfaction guarantee for his portraits.  He has always felt that no one knows their own child like they do and it is his mission to capture that essence and innocence that each of us hold so dear in our children.

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