Photographing Your Pet for a Portrait

Important Steps for a Great Portrait Shot

1.)  Turn your flash OFF
2.)  Turn your flash OFF!!
3.)  Crouch down to your pets level, oh, and turn your flash OFF!
4.)  Photograph your pet outdoors in natural sunlight.  Early Morning or Late Afternoon
      is best.
5.)  Take at least 8-10 photos from different angles.
6.)  Use treats if necessary to grab your pets attention.  Hold the treat just above the
      camera or iPhone so He/She will look toward the camera.
7.)  Tongue in or out is up to you.  Whatever captures your pets personality best.
8.)  Enjoy this working session with your dog.  And last but not least, NO FLASH!

There will come a day that you will be glad that you took these 20 minutes with your
dog to capture some beautiful, memorable shots.  ( 20 minutes for you, 140 for your dog :•)

Good Angle vs. Bad Angle

Good Angle

BAD Angle

Once you have your photos e-mail them to in a Hi Res Digital JPEG Format or text them to 904-463-3386

Mr. Kenyon will contact you once he has received your photos to discuss the photos with

you and a decision will be made at this time as to which image will be used for the portrait.

Follow the tips below to capture that perfect photo of your dog for a portrait.  Lighting is crucial to a successful portrait and the tips listed

below will help you achieve that.