Mr. Kenyon works from photos that his clients provide.  The photos should meet the guidelines mentioned in the following link called ‘Photographing Your Pet’.  It is important to follow these tips to ensure that Mr. Kenyon has the best possible pictures to work from in order to capture the uniqueness of your particular “best friend”.

     Mr. Kenyon offers a money back guarantee and has been satisfying his clients for over a decade.  Providing beautiful, one-of-a-kind  works of art that are a tribute to the dogs that have been such a

blessing in their lives. Mr. Kenyon strives to capture that special quality that each owner see in their dog and want to remember each time they gaze upon their trusted companion’s portrait.

Commissioning a Portrait of Your Dog

For Additional Questions please contact Andrew Manry Kenyon


Pet Portrait Pricing

Life Size Head & Shoulder

16”x20” Pastel on Pastel Paper

$ 425.00 & No Deposit Required

Pricing does not include Shipping